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Our Web Site is getting a new look and overhaul . Over the coming weeks and months

bits will slowly take on a new orderly appearance , hopefully for the better .

ALSO . .  our headquarters will be getting a MUCH improved Broad Band service .

I know that won’t help you . . . but it will make our life so much less stressful .

Here at HQ . . . We had a major catastrophe . . . The complete destruction of

our main computers hard drive . . . I will not tell you the time it has taken

to re instate a new one . .  not the hard drive , but a completely new more

powerful ‘ Super Dinkum’ computer . . .  Let’s hope it lives up to its claims !

Thanks for all your comments ,both good and bad ! , They ALL get read .

So keep them coming in . .  We love to hear from you .

Bye for now . . . .

. . .  W E L C O M E . . .

TO  THE RIPAL  Records  SITE   !

It  might  be  a  little  different  from  the  site  you  were  expecting. . .
But why not take a few minutes to explore this FREE site.
. . .  for your amusement  a monthly POP  QUIZ . . .
on Celebrities within the Pop Industry. . .

A Comment page where you can air your thoughts (it will be edited if necessary !)
a special section on some of the excellent bands that are out there
working very hard for you  , in our local area of the South West.
We will provide a gig guide to let you know where they might be found !


We are still looking for a singer to front our
70’s project  !  . . . .  IT  COULD  BE  YOU ! !


The ' Micro Pod ' - Studio

A ripple from the past ,Ripal Records brings the flavour and feel of popular music from the seventies and eighties .  From the immense and exciting choice that was available at the time , from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Punk , from ‘Glam’ Rock to New Wave , Ripal Records concentrates on anything labelled ‘Pop’ . We don’t want to educate anyone , we Just Want you To Have Fun !

We have here at Ripal Records a micro-digital studio with a small dedicated team who are looking for a small number of songwriters and performers from the South West region of the U.K. who we would consider suitable for our projects . We are not here to judge , we just want people who ‘ fit the bill ‘.

We at Ripal Records believe that age is not an issue , as experience from the seventies and eighties is invaluable , as is the enthusiasm and input of todays    g.. g.. generation !

*   *   *   *   *   *



P L U S     The new Talking answers  system from the   QUIZ  MEISTER ! !


SEE  THE  NEW  2011  G I G   G U I D E     A few LOCAL BANDS  and a few worth travelling to see ! !


Let us know how we are doing !

Email us on the ‘ Contact Us ‘  page . . .


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